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How to Get Faster With RockMyRun

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Do you ever feel stuck in a workout rut? A friend of mine used to tell me my running was like “dog food,” because I ran the same path at the same pace at the same time every day. I always looked forward to the run, but there was never any variation – it was like dog food. Now, there’s…


Find your perfect BPM and change your workout forever

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It’s all about the beats, ’bout the beats (beats per minute) Yesterday at about 6am, my run was getting started in the usual way: Cliff, one of the RockMyRun mascots (otherwise known as my 80 pound lab) was strapped to my waist. My headphones were in, and the pre-dawn fog hung around us like grey, misty blanket. That’s when it happened….


Core Strengthening For Runners – How It Really Works

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Many people are under the assumption that core strengthening only consists of sit-ups, crunches, six-packs, and infomercials.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this “aesthetic” approach to core training, but, for runners core training goes beyond just washboard abs.  A stronger, more stable core can improve your performance and lower the risk of injury. What are your core muscles?? If…


Sitting: The New Smoking

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There is an epidemic of sedentary behavior in America that is having perilous effects on our health and wellbeing. Whether you are someone who meets the recommended guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise five days a week or are just getting started into a fitness routine, too much sitting is associated with an increasing list of health concerns….


Train Less. Perform Better.

Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized By November 9, 2013 Tags: , , , , 4 Comments

A lot of the more traditional approaches to cardio look at longer distances and higher volume as the best ways to get and stay in shape.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with that method, I tend to take the “less is more” philosophy into my cardio training.  This doesn’t mean I don’t lace up my running shoes as much…


Why We Run: The Physical and Psychological Benefits

Science, Uncategorized By October 30, 2013 Tags: , , , , , 2 Comments

If you are among the 29,478,000 Americans who run or jog 50 or more days a year then you know why you run. Running offers phenom­enal psychological and physical benefits and you’ve probably even experienced a “runner’s high.”  You must be spreading the word too, since running shoe sales grew to a whopping $3.04 billion in 2012, up 23% from…


The Science Behind The Music

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Here’s something you probably know: at RockMyRun we believe music is the cornerstone between you and a good running workout.  But, you may not know: there’s more to picking the right music for your next run than just a good beat and a catchy tune.  There’s a science behind the madness! This science is in the form of something called…