Got 10 Minutes? Try This Interval Running Workout

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Work. Family … Netflix. These are a few of the obligations (and don’t-want-to-admit-I-spent-4-hours-binge-watching-House-of-Cards pastimes) that keep us from exercising. Science tells us regular physical activity leads to improved moods and decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, but sometimes it just feels better to grab a pint of Chunky Monkey and decompress in front of the TV after a long,…


Get Fit With Tabata Sprints

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Looking for a new treadmill routine? Test out “Tabata Sprints” for a fierce workout that will have you sweating buckets and burning calories! Checkout the workout – and some suggested RockMyRun mix pairings – below to get started! To get through this workout you’ll need some crazy beats, so check out the RockMyRun mixes Country Crazy and Super Twerk. Both mixes rock steady at 200 BPM,…


Wednesday Workout: Long Intervals

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If you’re training for a half or full marathon, you may think you can ditch those pesky interval workouts—but intervals are actually just as important as your weekend long runs! Keep on reading for an interval workout that will help you practice running at your approximate race pace for an extended period of time and that can be done indoors. We’ve also…


Wednesday Workout: Reverse Ladder

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Winter weather forcing you to skip out on your beloved outdoor workouts? Don’t fret, simply keep on reading for a rockin’ treadmill workout called the Reverse Ladder (and some RockMyRun mix pairings!), that will have you feeling like you’re back outdoors! Need some music to go along with these workouts? Check out the RockMyRun mixes Momentum Gain and 80s Fun Run—both build in…


Wednesday Workout: Up and Down Intervals

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Amp up the intensity of your next workout with some inclines! This “Up and Down Intervals” treadmill workout will have your legs burning and heart pumping with perfectly placed inclines and intervals. Checkout the workout – and some suggested RockMyRun mix pairings – below to get started! Beginner workout mix suggestion: Gonna Make You Sweat Intermediate workout mix suggestion: Fast Times Advanced workout mix suggestion:…


Wednesday Workout: Run Walk Intervals

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Only have 30 minutes to get in a rockin’ cardio workout? Grab your shoes and head to the gym to try this ‘Run Walk 1:1 Intervals’ workout! Checkout the workout – and some suggested RockMyRun mix pairings – below to get started! Beginner workout mix suggestion: Feel The Magic Intermediate workout mix suggestion: Shake It Off Advanced workout mix suggestion: Fired Up Workout contributed by Brock Jones.  Brock…


Wednesday Workout: Treadmill Buildups

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Have a need for speed? Test out this ‘Treadmill Buildups’ workout for a rockin’ winter workout that pushes the pace and gets you moving! Checkout the workout – and some suggested RockMyRun mix pairings – below to get started! Beginner workout mix suggestion: Sweet Summer Sweat Intermediate workout mix suggestion: Rock It Science Advanced workout mix suggestion: Feel The Burn Workout contributed by Brock Jones….


Wednesday Workout: Hill Climber Intervals

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Looking for a killer treadmill workout? Test out this ‘Hill Climber Intervals’ workout and get ready to sweat! Involving the best of both worlds – intervals and inclines – this workout pairs nicely with some of our RockMyRun mixes! Beginner workout mix suggestion: Running On Sunshine Intermediate workout mix suggestion: Swift & Sweet Advanced workout mix suggestion: Adventure Run 2014 Workout contributed by Brock Jones….


Your Go-To Treadmill Workout This Fall: Incline Sprints

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It’s that time of year again – the leaves start to change and the temperature starts to drop. While fall is beautiful, it means that soon cold weather will force us to kickoff treadmill season. For some, this is a welcomed change. For others, however, the ‘dreadmill’ is a last resort. Treadmills do however present us with benefits that road…