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Core Strengthening For Runners – How It Really Works

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Many people are under the assumption that core strengthening only consists of sit-ups, crunches, six-packs, and infomercials.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this “aesthetic” approach to core training, but, for runners core training goes beyond just washboard abs.  A stronger, more stable core can improve your performance and lower the risk of injury. What are your core muscles?? If…


Train Less. Perform Better.

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A lot of the more traditional approaches to cardio look at longer distances and higher volume as the best ways to get and stay in shape.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with that method, I tend to take the “less is more” philosophy into my cardio training.  This doesn’t mean I don’t lace up my running shoes as much…


The Science Behind The Music

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Here’s something you probably know: at RockMyRun we believe music is the cornerstone between you and a good running workout.  But, you may not know: there’s more to picking the right music for your next run than just a good beat and a catchy tune.  There’s a science behind the madness! This science is in the form of something called…


Rocking Your First 5K

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You see your friends’ photos on the Internet with them proudly displaying medals around their necks from whatever race they just ran. Their ecstatic glow and flushed complexion are things that you find yourself wanting, but you think to yourself, “I wish I could do that.” Why can’t you? Everyone starts somewhere, and rocking a 5k race is a great…


Creating Running Music Mixes – The Agony and the Ecstasy

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Any musician will tell you that whenever they create a piece of music, they pour their hearts and souls in their creation. Truly great music only comes about through the fusing of a musicians’ beliefs, emotions, influences and, of course, talents. While at Rock My Run we’re not creating the next Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (though sometimes we work like we…