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Benefits of Incline Training

Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized By February 23, 2014 2 Comments

It’s the dead of winter and you are more than likely getting sick and tired of using the treadmill for your cardio.  You’ve tried plenty of different interval workouts, varying your speed and distances.  But still, you’re getting bored.  Well, here’s a good way to freshen things up and still get in a hell of a workout.  Hit that button…


Android Joins The myBeat Party!

News, Uncategorized By February 19, 2014 1 Comment

While all you RunRockers have been lacing up to hit the gym and rock the roads, the RockMyRun team has been working around the clock to update the Android app! We’ve added our myBeat technology, incorporated new features, revamped the design and added cleaner navigation. So before you head out the door for your next run, make sure to update…


Quality Over Quantity

Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized By February 16, 2014 2 Comments

For a lot of distance runners, the main focus of a training program is overall distance.  They focus only on how many miles they log each week.  There is nothing wrong with setting a mileage goal, however this shouldn’t be the only concern.  Runners should focus as much on the quality of their running, as they do the quantity of…


Can A Valentine’s Day Run Boost Your Sex Life? You Bet It Can!

Science, Uncategorized By February 12, 2014 No Comments

The 4th Annual Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K & 1 Mile Fun Run will be held on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 at Tidelands Park in Coronado, California. This got me wondering about the less prominent values of running, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches. Running no doubt provides health values, of course, but relationships and sexual health in particular can benefit from…


Ready to be Happy?

Science, Uncategorized By January 31, 2014 Tags: , , , No Comments

You spend your time exercising, eating well, reading everything you can about health and wellness, meditate, visualize, swallow magnets to attract positivity in your life, listen to the right music. If that’s not someone focused on maximizing happiness in life, I don’t know who would be. That said, even with all of these “right” things people do, I see several…


Are You What You Listen To?

Science, Uncategorized By January 21, 2014 Tags: , , No Comments

When it comes to psychology, there’s no shortage of ways to describe and understand personality. Open to experience, extroverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, quiet and serious, enthusiastic, original, direct, cautious, inspirational, steady…you get the idea. And it seems that knowing something about the type of music one prefers may be an effective window into understanding some types of personality. Of course,…


How RunRocker Shantal Rocked Her Competition

Inspiration, Uncategorized By January 14, 2014 1 Comment

We recently caught up with personal trainer and RunRocker Shantal, to chat about staying fit and how music helped her reach her goals. A personal trainer, nutritionist and group fitness instructor, Shantal also competes in bodybuilding competitions—recently placing second at the prestigious International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) Pro Universe event. Keep on reading for a Q&A with this inspirational athlete!…


New Year, Fresh App

News, Uncategorized By January 2, 2014 8 Comments

Happy 2014 RunRockers! We hope you enjoyed your holidays and are eager to make 2014 your best year yet. Our team has been hard at work updating our iPhone app, all with the focus of helping you have better workouts.  We’ve launched a complete redesign with cleaner navigation, a beautiful new design and a bunch of new features! With this…


Why Do You Run? 4 Reasons to Be Motivated

Inspiration, Uncategorized By December 15, 2013 Tags: , , 1 Comment

Improve Your Health One of the most common reasons we run, exercise, read fitness magazines and websites and enjoy apps like RockMyRun, is to improve our health. Sure we’ve heard that “exercise is medicine,” but like all medicine, if we don’t take it, it won’t work. And when it comes to running, or any doing any exercise routinely, the motivation…