Rockin’ Music, Meet GPS Tracking

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We’ve all been there. You lace up your shoes and fire up your favorite tracking app to start your workout. Then, you close your tracking app, open RockMyRun, select your music, and, finally, go. That’s a lot of steps, right? Even for avid step trackers like ourselves, sometimes you need a break. That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest…

RockMyRun Apple Watch Screens

Got an Apple Watch? This One’s For You

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Apple Watch users rejoice! RockMyRun is now compatible with your favorite smartwatch. If you’re anything like us, exercising with a phone in hand feels like running in untied shoes. Something’s gonna fall, you just hope it isn’t you. That’s why, when it comes to controlling your music, we say, “Be greedy. Be REALLY greedy.” We want you to have access…

#rockmyresolution RockMyRun New Year's Campaign

#RockMyResolution Terms and Conditions

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The competition promoter is Rock My World, Inc. (the “Promoter”). Employees of Rock My World, Inc. or their family members or anyone else connected in any way with the competition or helping to set up the competition shall not be permitted to enter the competition. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition. The competition…


Data and Tracks and Filters! Oh My!

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[youtube] Rockstar members, rejoice! If you use RockMyRun on an Apple device, the perks you love just got even sweeter. Whether you’ve been begging for a feature that would be gentle on your data plan or the ability preview tracks before listening to a new station, you’re in for a treat. (Don’t worry, non-Rockstars, not only do you get to…


Got 10 Minutes? Try This Interval Running Workout

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Work. Family … Netflix. These are a few of the obligations (and don’t-want-to-admit-I-spent-4-hours-binge-watching-House-of-Cards pastimes) that keep us from exercising. Science tells us regular physical activity leads to improved moods and decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, but sometimes it just feels better to grab a pint of Chunky Monkey and decompress in front of the TV after a long,…


Hot off the Turntable! Your Best Workout Music Ever

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When you use RockMyRun, fatigue shouldn’t feel like a door-to-door salesman casing your neighborhood for the opportune moment to come around and spoil your day. To keep fatigue (and unwanted interruptions) at bay, it’s our job to ensure you always get right music at the right time so you never hear Metallica when you’re in the mood for Katy Perry. That’s…

Rock My World Capital Championship Los Angeles

Rock My World Hits High Note at Capital Championship

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It’s not every day we get showered with confetti while a room of cheering spectators stand and celebrate in our honor. Really … we’re suffering from a serious confetti deficit. Luckily, we got to experience just that as we were named finalist of the Capital Championship regional semifinal event held at Bahia Nightclub in Los Angeles last month. Since 2014,…


New App RockMyBedroom Proves to Increase Intimacy Enjoyment

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The team at Rock My World, the company behind the hit exercise app, RockMyRun is excited to announce our next app RockMyBedroom! Now, you will be able to take the euphoric enjoyment and motivation of music with you into the sheets. Say goodbye to dull and boring bedroom activity and have more fun, while reconnecting with your partner with sensual and smart music designed…