b35d6be7-e547-4543-960a-218e6ed08fd0The team at Rock My World, the company behind the hit exercise app, RockMyRun is excited to announce our next app RockMyBedroom! Now, you will be able to take the euphoric enjoyment and motivation of music with you into the sheets. Say goodbye to dull and boring bedroom activity and have more fun, while reconnecting with your partner with sensual and smart music designed to bring you closer.

Let’s be honest, being intimate with your partner does not always include rose petals and lit candles, as pictured in the movies. Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to re-spark the flame behind closed doors.

Most of us already know that music can improve your overall mood and increase motivation during exercise. But did you know that getting horizontal with your significant other also has some proven health benefits, – including a boost in the immune system, a better night’s sleep and a killer workout? (Score!) With RockMyBedroom, we have combined the power of great music and innovative technology to help couples improve their intimacy and increase their overall mood and health.

RockMyBedroom has 1000s of DJ stations designed to help fulfill you and your partner’s wants and needs. Whether you like some classic tunes from artists like, Stevie Wonder and Barry White or you like a little more modern mojo from the likes of, John Legend and Chris Brown, the RockMyBedroom stations that will leave you wanting more!


Not only is there great music in this new app, but you can personalize your experience by mood or activity to find the perfect station to match that perfect moment. Whether you are looking for something hot and steamy or something more soft and sensual, we have the right music to set the mood.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there! With RockMyBedroom, by tapping into the power of your heart our exclusive Body Driven music will match the music to your bodies. When you and your partner are wearing Apple Watches, our smart and sensual music will follow your heartbeats and set just the right tempo to help motivate you and your significant other to reach new heights.

It’s probably intuitive that music influences intimate experiences, but in true Rock My World fashion, we actually studied it – and the results are nothing short of amazing:


75% Couples who have used RockMyBedroom, reported an overwhelmingly positive improvement in their level of intimacy. While 87% of couples reported a significant improvement in overall mood and enjoyment both in and outside of the bedroom.

“One of my hubbies and mine favorite songs came on that we danced to on our wedding night and brought us back to our first days, reminding us of why we are still together. Needless to say, it was a magical night and just what we needed to reconnect!” Sharon White, 55.

Another couple reported back that RockMyBedroom helped them be more comfortable with one another, which allowed them to step out of their comfort zones and connect on a deeper level.

Our motto at Rock My World is that the best things in life make you sweaty. If this your motto too and you would like to experience the magic- let us know and we would love to include you and your significant other as Beta testers!

P.S. April fools 😉

Beautiful pair lays in a bed