Are you ready for Springsteen to sing to your stride? How about Lil Wayne rapping perfectly to your pace? Or maybe, you’d prefer to have Lorde serenade to your step count?

Here at RockMyRun, we have been making strides and setting PRs in our quest to thrill our users with a stellar app. Case in point, today we officially launched myBeat™ MatchMe, a new feature that lets your body choose the beat of the music.

MatchMe uses magic (okay, it’s really just fancy software conjured up by our Tech Rockers) to match the tempo of your favorite RockMyRun mixes to your step. MatchMe will be part of our already popular myBeat™ feature that allows members to manually edit the BPM of the music. With the addition of MatchMe, your feet can dictate the tempo of the music bringing that goal of “dance running” even closer.

How Does MatchMe Work?

Running with MatchMe is easier than throwing on and lacing up a pair of running kicks.

After you have download a rad steady-BPM mix, simply hit the myBeat button and you will be prompted to choose either myBeat Manual or myBeat MatchMe. After deciding to rock out with MatchMe, you will select your phone’s position and be ready to start running!

As you run along, the music will automatically change tempo in real-time so that the BPM is always in sync with your steps per minute—no need to fidget with your phone during a run! (Hint: If the music doesn’t perfectly match your beat, you can edit MatchMe’s sensitivity to movement with the ‘settings’ button)Trioflow

Other Rockin’ App Updates

While MatchMe might appear to be the darling of this app update, we have also continued to add to your experience on RockMyRun.

We have implemented a whole set of nifty new stats that will pop up after each run. When a workout is over, RockMyRun will let you know the total number of steps you took during your run and the average steps per minute you took. The app will also compare your distance to a well-known landmark, so you know how many times along the Golden Gate Bridge you ran or what percentage of the Boston Freedom Trail you covered.

Another neat update is the addition of a custom sort capability to the MyMixes section of the app. Just swipe left over mixes when browsing MyMixes and you’ll be able to reorder them or delete the ones you don’t want anymore.duo

Try It For Free

MatchMe is a Premium Feature available for RockMyRun members using an iPhone device on IOS 6 and above. Because we want all of you to experience the magic, RockMyRun is currently giving new and existing users a free, limited time Premium Membership in order for you to test out and rock out with myBeat MatchMe.

Ready to start rocking in a whole new way? Download the app, then let us know what you think in comments below!