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You read that right! RockMyRun is stoked to announce that Dave Audé, a Grammy-nominated DJ and producer who has created more than 100 #1 Billboard dance tracks, has joined the RockMyRun team as a Creative Consultant.

Not only has Dave been in the music business for 25 years, but he’s worked with pop, rock and dance icons including Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, One Republic, Coldplay, U2 and many many more. Dave also has the technical chops to hold his own in the tech start-up scene and can help educate us further on the technical side of the music industry. His top-tier background and enthusiasm for what RockMyRun is doing, makes this the perfect partnership!

Audé will contribute to the success of RockMyRun in a number of ways. At core, he will bring his expertise and style to the RockMyRun app by crafting exclusive, one-of-a-kind mixes for the RockMyRun community. He will act as an integral advisor for future mixes and DJ additions, leveraging his technical prowess to refine RockMyRun’s mix creation process. Lastly, he will serve as a vital lifeline between RockMyRun and the bustling DJ community and help forge strategic partnerships with industry contacts.

Even better? His first mix for RockMyRun is already available!


Deemed Audacious, this is an insanely motivating mix of pop, dance and club hits. Each and every song in Audacious is a Dave Audé remix, which helps keep the beat consistent and the vibe bumpin’. Check it out in the RockMyRun app now and keep an eye out for all his mixes at his RockMyRun DJ profile.

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