Injury prevention, blood pressure and stress control…these are things that a 10 minute warm up and cool down can do for you when you workout.

In our hasty, busy worlds, taking a few extra minutes to transition to and from a workout isn’t always top of mind, but those minutes are essential. I mean, COME ON – who wants to sit at their desk red faced and sweating after a workout?

There’s a better way! Did you know that RockMyRun offers warm and cool down stations?  Just like all of the music on RockMyRun, each is designed to give you exactly what you need for every moment.

Warm ups:

To help encourage the body’s blood flow and slowly amp up your cardiovascular system, our DJ have designed these bursts of energetic songs to gradually but consistently get you ready for the main event.

Cool downs:

Going from full on exertion to stopping just doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it? Don’t do it! Instead, you should be giving yourself a musical pat on the back while your heart rate and blood flow decrease.

So easy:

The best part about is that you can mix and match genres during your workout and choose how long you want to warm up or cool down.  Here’s what you do:

  • Select Warmup or Cooldown from the Activity section of the Homescreen
  • Choose a station that’s appealing and add it to your Favorites
  • Sort the order of your Favorites so that you have a Warmup followed by a main station followed by a Cooldown
  • Hit play!  When you’re ready to transition to the next stage of your workout, simply swipe left and the music will carry you through

An Alternative (Genre) Approach 

Blog_WrmUpCoolDwn_Set1_900x400 (1)

Powering Through With Pop


Running To The Oldies


A Calming Reggae Run


Mix It Up!



So get after it and rock on!

(Your co-worker in the cube next to you says thank you).