Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.46.45 AMToday, we are thrilled to announce a new genre being added to the mix collection available at RockMyRun: Ambient Sounds. The genre will include mixes that comprise solely of classic ambient sounds, such as jungle rainfall, as well as more unique ambient sounds including, farm cowbells.

This signifies our ongoing commitment to RockMyRun members to broaden our music, mix and sound selection, in order to provide everyone with something to suit their running motivation needs.

For the purists, classic Ambient Sound mixes will include sounds such as: jungle rainfall, waves crashing, whistling, bees buzzing and wind.

We’ve also included some unorthodox sounds, in order to be all-inclusive in our offerings. For example, the “Echo’s From The Farm ” mix includes cowbells, chickens clucking and shot guns—perfect for the farm boy who has relocated to the city and is looking to get lost in the sounds of ‘home’ during his run. Another example, the “Blissful Baby Beats” mix ranges from toddlers giggling to a baby crying—ideal for the mother of a teenager, wanting to remember the days before rebellion and moodiness set in.

RockMyRun brought in famed music producer and DJ, the Bruce Dickinson to head up the Ambient Sounds mix production.

“I have to say, this new genre is going to be dynamite for the RockMyRun app,” said Dickinson, “I do have a few favorite mixes, the ‘Echo’s From The Farm’ being one of them. The cowbell is just one of those elements that really makes a mix shine and motivates a runner.”

“We’re thrilled to have Bruce join team,” said Marc Thrasher, VP of Rockin’ Content at RockMyRun, “I’ll admit though, we’ve already hit a few road bumps. Due to licensing complications, we’ve had limit how many mixes can include the cowbell, which has Bruce a little upset.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.48.19 AMJust as we organize our music mixes, the Ambient Sounds mixes will be searchable by length, sub-genre and BPM. Additionally, premium RockMyRun members will be able to edit the tempo of their favorite Ambient Sounds mixes with the myBeatTM edit BPM feature. For example, it’s easy to set the cowbell clank, raindrop or baby giggle to exactly 165 BPM.

A sample offering of our Ambient Sounds mixes can be found below:

  • Echo’s From The Farm
  • Blissful Baby Beats
  • Motivational Meows
  • Tunes Of The Tap Dance
  • Jungle Sounds Vol. 1
  • Jungle Sounds Vol. 2: Jurassic Park Edition
  • Cowbell Cornucopia