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Are you ready to love your run with all your heart? Then good news – we have just launched a lovely new feature on our iPhone app called myBeatTM Heart, which leverages your heartbeat to dictate the tempo of the music. You read that right—imagine Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Avicii or Bon Jovi singing along to the beat of your heart!

So how exactly does it work?

The RockMyRun app and myBeatTM Heart feature pairs with (almost) any Bluetooth or Ant+ heart rate monitor. (Looking to buy a heart rate monitor? We’re fans of the brands Mio GlobalPear Sports and Garmin) Once running, we’ll monitor when you switch heart rate zones and adjust the music’s beats per minute (BPM) to correlate. Don’t worry—once your heart rate hits max zones, we’ll level off the BPM/tempo to create a calming (as opposed to frantic) experience.

Getting started with the myBeatTM Heart feature is simple, here’s how to do so:

  1. Fire up your Bluetooth or Ant+ heart rate monitor
  2. Select your favorite downloaded RockMyRun mix from your MyMixes
  3. Hit play and then select myBeat™ Heart
  4. Go through a one time setup to pair RockMyRun with your device
  5. Start rockin’!


myBeatTM Heart will join our already popular myBeat feature suite, which includes myBeat™ Manual and myBeat™ Steps. As a reminder, myBeat™ Manual lets you manually set the music tempo to your goal cadence, while myBeat™ Steps enables you to let the tempo of any steady BPM mix automatically adjust so that the beat matches every step you take!

Ready to start rocking in a whole new way? Download the app, then let us know what you think in comments below!