Dr.-Michael-Mantell-293x300Have a fitness question? Wondering how you should mentally prepare for a race? Looking for a way to make yourself want to work out? Not sure if you should have a fitness mantra or not?

Well, today is your lucky day! RockMyRun is teaming up with our resident fitness and sports psychologist, Dr. Michael Mantell, to answer all of your fitness, health and sports questions in the RockMyRun blog.

The process is easy – simply email Dr. Mantell at askthepsych@rockmyrun.com with your question and he’ll answer it in the blog over the coming weeks!

But who exactly is Dr. Mantell? We’re glad you asked!

Currently a Senior Fitness Consult for Behavioral Sciences at the American Council on Exercise, Dr. Mantell earned his Ph. D. in counseling psychology and his M.S. degree in clinical psychology. He has served as Chief Psychologist of Children’s Hospital and Health Center of San Diego, and the San Diego Police Department.

Further, Dr. Mantell has served as a behavior science coach for fitness trainers, health coaches, world-class athletes and fitness enthusiasts for mental and behavioral performance enhancement. He’s also been a popular guest on television and radio talk shows across America, including “Oprah,” “Nightline,” “Larry King,” and “Good Morning America” where he appeared for more than a decade as a regular contributor.

So what are you waiting for? Ask Dr. Mantell your question today and keep an eye out for his answer on the RockMyRun blog!