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This is one of my favorite quotes. Not only is it completely accurate, but it can apply to any aspect of life. I’m going to use it in a running sense here, and hopefully this is a quote that you can apply to your fitness goals in 2015.

The good thing about this quote is that whether you are an advanced runner or a not-so-advanced runner, you can take something away from it.

Advanced Runners

You have so much more power and influence over other runners than you realize. While it may not be on the same level as NBA or NFL stars, running peers definitely look up to and admire you. You are the standard for the sport of running, and others are striving to get to your level. So use that for some good. Be open to helping out those who may be new to the sport. Take time out to run with a slower group or partner. Offer advice or a helping hand to runners trying to improve their speed or distance. Running is a daunting task in and of itself, and it isn’t made easier by the intimidation factor of advanced runners. So use your influence for some good, and help somebody out who is trying to break into the sport. You never know, you may just change a life.

Beginning Runners

Sure, you may be new to the sport, you may be slower than most, but that doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid to get involved, particularly with those who are more experienced than you. I had a client tell me that her New Year’s Resolution was to “be more comfortable being uncomfortable.” I think that is a perfect mindset for a new or beginner runner. Don’t be afraid to ask a more advanced runner for help. Don’t be afraid to go on a run with someone who is a little faster than you. Chances are they won’t mind the company, and you’ll also get a hell of a workout in. The point I want to get across here is that just because you’re new, slow, or inexperienced, doesn’t mean you can’t jump right in and mix it up with everybody else. The more you surround yourself with good people and good runners, the better off you will be.

The running community is such a great community. I am fortunate enough to have many friends who are runners, and a soon-to-be-wife who is an excellent runner as well. While I’m faster than some of these people, there are certainly plenty who can leave me in the dust. But, aside from distances and times, we pick each other up and help each other out along the way.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to get some running buddies together and make time to run together. Believe me; it is worth the time and effort.

Post contributed by Brock Jones.  Brock is Co-Owner and Head Trainer with BodyFIT, Inc. in Lexington, KY. He holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky and is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  You can read more of Brock’s posts about fitness and exercise on the BodyFIT Punch Blog.